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Why learn scales

June 20, 2013

My student ask “Why do we need to play scales”.

This is a common grumble from my students, even though I am passionate about scales:)

I like doing the scales in the dark or practice when I am distracted (eg. watching TV etc).

I think scales is a basic building block of learning music. Every piece of music are based on basic scale like position (eg. major scale, chromatic scale etc).

Scale to me is like the basic vocabulary in our language. Scale is a formation of a group of notes. This is similar to vocabulary which is a group of alphabets.

In the English language, since young we started learning basic vocabulary. We stated learning more words as we grow older. Thus learning scales should be in the same manner. We should learn it as a step by step method.

We will go through a systematic way of practicing the different types of scales in the following blog post.


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