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Backpacking with an instrument

June 26, 2013

Every single trip that I make overseas, I will always have a main theme to test out:
1. Thailand – Was my first trip overseas with friends which is very well planed.
2. Laos – Backpacking with friends with totally no plans.
3. New Zealand – Going to a country to visit new friends that I met during the trip.
4. China – Performing a solo backpacking trip
5. Taiwan – Performing a bike tour
6. Taiwan – Bringing a musical instrument for travel.

This is my 6 backpacking trip, and during this trip, I realized that bringing a musical instrument to travel is one of the greatest joy of traveling.

When you travel and meet new people, when everybody is very new to each other, having a musical instrument help to provide a common topic for everybody. When you play the musical instrument and provide a basic sing along session, people will sing together with you, and everybody willl be having fun.

When you are alone, and there is nothing to do, music will help to prevent you from being homesick, as you will play music and widst the time away. During this time, your music skills may improve, as you are thinking of new ideas of playing the same music:)

Music is really a good way to travel, and i think my instrument will be my fixed item which I will bring for all my future travel.


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  1. very nice! I think so too! shanti 🙂

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