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Mum, why am I not improving

July 5, 2013

“Mum, I have practised the piano for 1/2 hour a day.” Mum retorted “but why your teacher keeps saying the same mistake keeps repeating?”

This kind of squabbles happen all the time, however there is also a risk that the long term squabble demotivates the student, and the student may feel that practising is futile, and useless, thus is not motivated to practise anymore, and will slowly loose interest in music.

Well, the reason that this happens, is that student usually practises without absorbing. The student will place a sheet music in front of them, roughly plays through the piece, without ensuring that they play in accordance to the mood of the music.

Well, practising the whole song without paying attention to the musical details is like saying the scenery is nice, but it is the details of the scenary that builds on one another that makes it nice.

Thus practising is only based on one single idea:
practice the parts you are not good at. The parts that you are not good at can be from one whole line of the song, to just one jump to the entire song. Breaking the song into parts will help you understand how the different areas in the music that help is needed.

There are numerous ways to work towards this concept, and we will be talking more about the different ways of practising in future articles.


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