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Gaming vs music playing

July 15, 2013

“I, can’t get pass this stage . How should I do it? Any special motion I need to make? Do I need to press it faster? How do I leap from one place to another?”

Well, does this sound familiar to you? For people who game a lot on the PC, this sounds like something that comes out from DOTA, Counter Strike, for someone who games a lot on mobile platfform, it sounds like temple run. For someone who plays the piano, it sounds like practising.

Well, all the above mentioned, are corerct. Practising and playing is the same thing, same motion. However, one is met with dread, while one is met with anticipation.

What has the gaming industry gotten it correctly, while piano industry had gotten wrongly? Gaming and practising are based on a similar concept – to practise intelligently, and practise diligently.
Some people will dream about how to practise the motion of the game in their sleep, on the train ect.

Thus, is there a need for practicing to be constrained by the keyboard? Why are gamers able to think about gaming, and improve without touching the keyboard? Why are we amazed by kids who are able to play the piano sonata when they are the age of 7, but we aren’t amazed at the skill and coordination that they are utilising when they are playing DOTA?

Is it because it is common that kids take to gaming like fish to water, but music playing is an unnatural movement?

Well, there is a need for music teachers to think about how we teach music. How can we make music learning more appealing to the kids, and make them want to practise instead of forcing them to practise?


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