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Work life integration vs work life balance

July 18, 2013

“I hate my boss, why must he makes me work longer than my working hours. Fridays are finally here:)… Oh the Dreaded Monday blues…”

Well these are typical feelings that is seen during discussion with friends over off and online social network.

Noted that currently there is a post floating around stating work life balance vs work life integration. I think both prospects are just showing the wants from two parties.
One is an employee wants – which is work life balance.
One is an employer wants – which is work life integration.

Well, for work life balance, there are minimal jobs that offer this balance. In this world, the balance are only given to people whose job scope is static or minimal. The trade off – advancement is minimal and salary may not be good.

Well, for work life integration, if you hate your job, the work life integration will cause the employee to go crazy. Asking the people who were conscripted into the army, who had to served the nation for 24/7 on a weekly basis, they were under the beck and call of their officers. There are numerous stress that there are people who tells me “the gate is just 2 feet away, and really feel like running away”. If that’s work life integration, serving 2 years in the national service is so stressful, imagine this happening for 10 years.

I think the only solution is to change our mentality, and the way we look at jobs regardless if you are a music teacher or programmer. There are key traits in all of us that make are interested in a particular job.

As what Warren Buffet said ” he was lucky at being born at the right time“. If Warren Buffet was born 500 years ago, the stock market may not have implemented. He would not have being one of the richest people in the world.

What makes him different from others is that he has the passion to review financial statements and understand what makes a company tick. If he was forced into a circumstances where he was required to work at a factory floor, or working as a hunter, he would have hated his job, and would not have succeeded. The passion to understand the ticks and tocks of the business, helps him to gets through the boredom and difficulty of the learning curve.

The world had declared that there is a best job in the world – the caretaker of the Great Barrier Reef. The Australian government will pay the lucky winner plenty of money, ability to do water sports, diving everyday. Well, on paper this look like the best job for everybody right, however if you have a phobia of water, will this be the best job for you?


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